"Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate."

-Ambrose Bierce

Navigating The Probate Process

The more thorough one's estate plan is, the smoother it will be to distribute assets and handle other matters at the time of that person's death. But in many cases there is no will or other document to answer these questions — or there is a will, but it does not address every contingency. In these cases, we turn to the probate process to determine what should happen to a person's estate.

At the Law Office of Mark Ignacio, located in La Mesa, we will help you navigate probate and trust law so that the decedent's wishes are honored and your interests are also defended in the event of dispute in court. We understand that it can be difficult to have disagreements with family members and others who were important to your loved one. We help our clients resolve their probate and trust administration issues with professionalism and respect.

Make The Probate Process Work For You

Probate is a legal process in which a court administers the estate of someone who has recently passed away, by paying off his or her debts and distributing the remaining assets to heirs whether a will exists or not. In the absence of a will, there can be much disagreement over who counts as an heir and how assets should be divided.

Beyond material assets, the probate process can include issues such as guardianship — a court will determine which adult should have legal custody over a decedent's minor child if no other formal arrangements have been made.

In the event that someone in poor health or advanced age can no longer make decisions about finances or health care, a probate court can also appoint a qualified adult to manage that person's financial and medical matters in a conservatorship.

Don't Face Probate Alone. We Can Help.

The probate process is complicated, and so is trust administration. That's why it's important to work with a qualified lawyer. To start a conversation about your legal needs, email us or call 619-810-4644 and schedule a strategy session at our office in La Mesa, California.

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